Brenda Kahn

Director of Homework Café


Bren holds a BA in Political Science from NYU and the London School of Economics.


After college, Bren followed her passion for playing music. She toured across the US and Europe as a singer-songwriter, recorded several albums, and was signed to Columbia Records. In the late nineties, Bren launched the first online magazine for women’s music which she ran until her first son was born in 2003. While raising her family, Bren discovered her passion for teaching. She taught guitar and voice lessons, ran a tutoring company, and later worked in a 5th-grade special ed classroom. In 2020, she started as an English and History teacher at Fusion Westchester.

As Director of Homework Café, Bren uses her diverse set of experiences to create a space for students to embrace their creativity, support their academic growth, and make social connections on campus.

Fun Facts and Hobbies

  • She plays guitar and writes songs.
  • She has two cats, a dog, and a bearded dragon named Quetzacoatl
  • She self-published an entire book of poetry about household chores.
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