Donelyn Rollolazo

Director of Homework Cafe

Donelyn teaches STEM classes. She is a West Coast transplant from the land of rain and coffee (Seattle, WA), where she earned a BS in Materials Science and Engineering with Interdisciplinary Honors from the University of Washington. Throughout college she mentored a variety of students as a Resident Adviser and club leader. Feel free to ask her about her life-defining moments, including a study abroad to Bangalore, India and an internship with Intel.

Before moving to the DC area, Donelyn worked at a high school in Newark, NJ teaching math to small groups. She organized Pi and Earth Day celebrations, as well as supervised their first Girls Who Code club. 

Outside of Fusion, Donelyn wanders around DC looking for places to read and people watch. She enjoys poetry, stop-motion movies, easy crossword puzzles, and listening to people talk about what they love.