Adam Munzert


Adam graduated cum laude from Christopher University with a Bachelors of Music and a minor in Philosophy and Religious Studies.  He engaged in a variety of musical pursuits including composition studies, piano studies, and tuba studies. During his time at CNU, he engaged in his studies through playing with the Christopher Newport University Band, Orchestra, and Men's Choir, as well as through solo playing of piano and tuba, chamber performances, and arranging performances of his compositions.  He has been a member of both the Prince William County Band and is a proud alumnus of the Youth Orchestra of Prince William.  He is an avid reader and especially enjoys Russian Literature, Science Fiction, and Existentialist works. His teaching philosophy is one that revolves around honestly assessing the skills and abilities of students, helping them to see and understand their skills and progress, and consistent encouragement of their success and improvements no matter what their skill level. He is delighted to start at Fusion Academy, Washington D.C.!