Victor Chiv


A Fusion teacher, Victor Chiv provide lessons and assistance in a multiple subjects from middle school to high school. He earned a bachelor’s degree in English from University of California Riverside, and later his Master’s in English at California State University of Long Beach. Has been on the Dean’s Honor List from undergraduate to graduate, maintaining a GPA above 3.5 every semester.

He volunteered as a Math and English tutor at M.E.N.D. Youth Service program for three summers from 2014-16, while also working during one of the summer as a teaching assistant for the program’s science camp. In 2018, he spent a month as a student teacher in UCR EAOP’s summer program teaching high school summer earth science and college advice.

Victor love to spend his time watching anime, reading books, or writing fantastical stories. Sometimes he’ll find himself doing some experimental cooking for fun.  Whenever Victor is drafting a character for a story, he would sometimes get too into acting out his character’s speech patterns to the point that they end up getting stuck to him