Nathalie Nehman


Nathalie emigrated from Lebanon to the United States nearly 15 years ago. She was raised speaking Arabic and French at home; she later added the English language to her repertoire. Ms. Nathalie earned her Bachelor’s in psychology from C.S.U.N and continued to U.S.C. to earn her Master's degree in Education with the aim to teach Mathematics across all levels.

She has nearly a decade of teaching experience, in both private and public settings teaching Mathematics and Science. In 2015, Ms. Nathalie began donating her time teaching in low socio-economic areas and hopes to make a difference on a larger scale. At Fusion, Warner Center, Ms. Nathalie offers her expertise and support in Mathematics and Science. Ms. Nathalie's love for education stems from her unquenchable thirst for learning. She hopes that her journey will inspire and equip all those who come across her with the tools needed to succeed and excel in life.

In her free time, Nathalie enjoys writing poetry, traveling, gaming, and photography.