Matthew Moody



Matthew Moody has helped many individuals find their own spark and love for music through the lens of mindfulness & discipline, cultural appreciation, and social/emotional wellness as a music educator, and is excited to join the team here at Fusion Academy Warner Center! Matt attended Ithaca College and received his Bachelors of Music in Music Education & Vocal Performance, where he studied under the esteemed Metropolitan Opera singer Brad Hougham, co-developer of Takadimi and professional jazz musician John White, and even Grammy-nominated jazz musician and educator Kim Nazarian of the New York Voices.


Matt has had the honor to perform at esteemed venues such as the Lincoln Center in NYC, the Berklee Performing Arts Center, and even performed with both the New York Voices and the US Navy Band Commodores at the launch of their Summer Jazz Program at Ithaca College! Matt has lead several professional and collegiate ensembles throughout his musical career, and holds the ensemble music experience to be just as important as the solo musical journey.

Fun Facts and Hobbies

  • Has two cats by the name of Ms. Ma'am and Arya
  • Loves to explore different cuisines through cooking and baking
  • Loves to act and direct musical theatre ensembles