Luisa Benion


Luisa Benion is a H.S. and M.S. French, Spanish and Economics teacher at Fusion Academy. She graduated from Universidad Nacional de Col, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in Economics and her thesis about Caribbean Economies was awarded and published.  She also earned a Bachelor’s Degree in International Relations from Tadeo University in Colombia. In addition, Luisa finished a bachelors in French at Dickinson college in Carlisle PA and a Master’s in modern languages from Millersville University also in PA. 

Luisa lived in Europe and South America and she grew up speaking 3 languages. She taught Economics in South American colleges and Foreign languages in American HS and MS. She is passionate about helping students to lose fear towards foreign language learning and speaking. Overal Luisa has over 20 years of experience teaching French and Spanish, to students at all levels in Middle school and High school as well as over 7 years in American and intern

Luisa in her free time loves to Ballroom dance, antiques and traveling.

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