Leo Quintanar


M.S. Physics, B.S. Applied Physics, A.S. Physics, A.S. Physical Science, A.S. Nautral Sciences


Leo Quintanar has a M.S. in Physics from CSUN, a B.S in Applied Physics from CSUCI, and 4 Associates degrees from Moorpark Community College.


While at CSUN Leo was a physics lab teacher and tutor working with a Varity of undergraduates. At CSUCI Leo was physics club president, who had the club create fun physics Demos, such as the Ping-pong cannon which launches a pinp-pong to Mach 1 using atmospheric pressure, as well as a human-powered kart that ran on tracks. These Demos got an obscure club on campus noticed by the president of CSUCI.

Fun Facts and Hobbies

  • Leo was trained to build a pump-probe spectroscopy apparatus from Oak-ridge National Labs
  • Leo Loves to build, and has done many projects.
  • Leo loves to do art.
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