Julie Pierce


Julie Pierce teaches Art, Digital Photography/Art, English, Language Arts, and Life Skills.  She also leads the Art Club, special events (Paint Nite), and the Art Gallery for the annual Student Showcase. She earned a bachelor’s degree in Studio Art from Albion College in Albion, Michigan, with concentrations in Ceramics and Painting and a minor in English.  She earned a Master’s Degree in Art History from Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia, with a concentration in Non-Western Art. She has studied in Italy, Greece, Spain, Denmark, Guatemala, and Ecuador.

She began her teaching career at East Stroudsburg University, in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, teaching Intro to Art History, Art History seminars, and Basic and Advanced Drawing.  She’s taught Art Enrichment classes at her kids’ elementary school, led the art programs at their Cub Scouts Day Camp, and led the Reflections Art Competition Program for the school PTA (including resources and workshops). She’s currently, and happily, in her 7th year of teaching at Fusion Warner Center.

Julie loves being outdoors, so she loves to spend her free time hiking in the dunes and forest, and swimming. She also enjoys spending time with her kids, painting, drawing, and making weird crafts with stuff she finds on her hikes. She’s currently trying to learn how to keep her puppy from biting her toes during virtual classes.

Julie’s faves, in no particular order:   Aerosmith, Pink Floyd, Cadbury Mini Eggs, Chris Hemsworth, snow, The Great British Baking Show, thunderstorms, singing in my car really loud, anyone with an Australian accent, Sci Fi, Harry Potter everything, movies where things blow up, jumping in big piles of autumn leaves, crayons (Crayola, not those icky ones you get at restaurants), Super Mario Galaxy, Cheese, jewelry making, Greek islands, (real) Italian food, French Bread, Danish life, British humor, Jeff Dunham, Blue, Christmas, Otters, Bubbles, Photography, my puppy (even though he bites my toes and steals socks), Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Van Gogh, Hugh Jackman, Fairy Lights, Marble Sculpting, star gazing, sun bathing, swimming in Lake Michigan, sand castles, painting anything, good coffee, scones, beach campfires, sunsets, sunrises, pomegranates, Monty Python, teaching at Fusion, MY KIDS!