Eric Bidna


Eric Bidna teaches and mentors students in the Humanities Department, teaching history, English, economics, psychology, philosophy, entrepreneurship and lifeskills.

He earned a bachelor’s degree from UC Santa Barbara in political science and a minor in history. He also took journalism classes at CSUN, and several other enjoyable classes at Moorpark College (Astronomy) and Skyline College (Anthropology). He received his teaching credentials from San Francisco State University.

He has worked as a teacher in Los Angeles public school for more than 2 decades. He and his wife also spent a year teaching English in Queretaro, Mexico.  He has taught journalism and English Language Learners at a summer school at CSUN.

Eric loves to play tennis, basketball, ping pong, chess, watch football (Go Rams, Ohio State, Purdue). He lives only 10 minutes from Warner Center and cherishes his time with his wife and 3 sons. His favorite food is anything chocolate.

For 12 years, Eric was on the board of the YMCA Indian Guides where his job was “FeatherBearer.” He was responsible for teaching dads how to create Native American lances with their sons and daughters, using feathers and string. Yes, his son even created a video about it.

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