Dylan Chavarria


Dylan teaches math and science at Fusion Academy. He attended California State University Northridge where he earned a Bachelor of Arts in Biology. He has had a lot of success as a teacher at local high schools that partnered with CSUN. This is where Dylan found his passion as a teacher where he wants to help students feel excited about science.

Dylan believes having an interest in biology and any other stem field can be an amazing career path after high school. Dylan also spent time working at a research center finding new treatments to combat chronic kidney disease. he is adamant that the power of science and knowledge can greatly help any student succeed and knows Fusion is the place that shares his values.

Dylan has always had passion for music and arts. He enjoys all genres of music and plays the guitar and drums. He often writes his own music. Dylan has also had his art work in a couple of art showcases in San Fernando Valley.

Music, painting and drawing are ways he expresses himself creatively. Dylan also enjoys traveling and getting to know new countries and cultures.

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