Daniel Aburto


Daniel Aburto is our current Homework Café Teacher who works and advocates for students of all grade levels. Daniel Aburto attended California State University, Northridge and earned both his bachelor’s degree and master’s degree in history. He was awarded Best Graduate Paper at CSUN for his thesis titled, “From Unfit for Human Consumption” to Taco Tuesday: Mexican food in Los Angeles from the Early 1900s”.  He interned as an ELL Teacher Assistant at James Monroe High School during his years in the master’s program. Worked as a writing tutor at St. Ferdinand’s Catholic Church

Daniel enjoys the simple things of life such as collecting action figures, building amazing Lego sets, and creating stop motion films of Legos! He also loves exploring new restaurants in the San Fernando Valley!

In a frantic hurry, Daniel once left home to school wearing two pairs of converse shoes and did not notice it until the afternoon! He was embarrassed that he did not see it before and attempted to hide his shoes! Luckily, no one pointed it out. Perhaps because many people perceived this act as a fashion statement!