Anjeza Gega


Anjeza Gega offers Spanish classes at Fusion Academy. She earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication from Cal State Northridge University and often made it to the Dean’s List. She earned an Associate Degree in Broadcasting and interned at Kcal News for several months. She also studied Psychology at Sheffield University, a prestige British school affiliated in Thessaloniki, Greece.  She has founded her own nonprofit organization in 2015 called BECHLEM, an organization that offers art classes to under resourced children to inspire and empower them into making better choices. She volunteered in Mother’s Teresa Ministry in Albania and even met her. 

Anjeza loves dancing, acting, singing, and traveling. She is very active and always find ways to fill up her schedule with outdoors activities, sport, dance classes, and definitely anything related to food. Anjeza speaks 4 languages and sings in 9 of them. Every year she travels to a different country. She loves photography and editing videos of her trips. Her trips are super random- one year in Italy and the next in Cuba and the next one in India. She has published an inspirational quote book on Amazon and is currently writing her second book. 

If there is a one sentence description for Anjeza that would be - She is passionate, animated, energetic and puts lots of love into everything she works on.