Alethea Robertson


Alethea offers Art Instruction and mentoring at Fusion Academy. She earned her B.A. in Applied Psychology at Mount Saint Mary’s in Los Angeles where she was top of her class. She was nominated and served as the Events Coordinator of the Applied Phycology Club and volunteered for affiliated organizations like Alexandria House for women.

Alethea is a creative self-taught artist that loves to help others find their joy and flow through art. She has taught art classes to youth in her community through the launch of projects that focused on wellness and joy for the arts within her community. Her Applied Psychology degree combined with her artistic abilities allows her to pair her love of both helping others and teaching art.

Alethea loves traveling, decorating and organizing, and likes spending her free time coming up with creative fictional characters to illustrate.

I’m a great storyteller and I like to make up crazy silly fun stories about what my pets do while I’m away at work through illustration and poetry. My cat Lilly is an old French woman who sips coffee all day and dreams about her days on the Champs-Élysées.