Pamela Templin


Pamela helps students find their writing voices and explore the world through literature as an English Teacher at Fusion. She graduated from Ball State University in Indiana with double majors (English and Education) and double minors (Humanities and Theatre) and regularly takes online classes in a variety of subjects. She was invited to be a speaker at the CAES (Committee for the Advancement of Early Studies) conference as an undergraduate to discuss her thesis on medieval women writers.

Prior to coming to Fusion, Pamela worked in a home study program at MDUSD, teaching her own children at home while teaching classes for home study parents and students, and freelanced as a technical writer.

Pamela enjoys reading, watching movies, and spending time with her family, when she isn’t writing works of science fiction and fantasy. When she sings, she is a mezzo-soprano, and in an odd twist of fate, she is a distant cousin of John Adams.