Juan Fuentes

Teacher / Mentor

Juan Fuentes is a math teacher and mentor here at Fusion Walnut Creek. He graduated from UC Berkeley in 2019 with a bachelor’s degree in Applied Mathematics with an emphasis in Mechanical Engineering. During his time at UC Berkeley, Juan participated in NASA’s student launch initiative (SLI) where he was responsible for choosing the right airframe materials for a rocket and testing it. He attributes this experience as worthwhile because he was able to form a strong bond with his teammates. Prior to joining Fusion, Juan worked at DaVinci Camp where he was able to “Nerd out” as he calls it. At DaVinci Camp he taught students (6th-12th grade) mathematics and with his team was able to blend mathematics, engineering, science, and art instruction in the spirit of Leonardo da Vinci. Juan is excited to start sparking the curiosity for each student here at Fusion.

In his free time Juan enjoys going on hikes, fishing, kayaking, and boxing. One fun fact about Juan is that he completed his first marathon when he was 17 years old. He cannot wait to start training again when COVID-19 is a distant memory.