Elijah Luce-Baraceros

Teacher / Mentor

Eli is a music teacher at Fusion Academy Walnut Creek. He began studying drum set at the
early age of seven, and has also enjoyed practicing guitar, piano, and marimba throughout his
musical education. After graduating from the music department at Oakland School for the Arts in
2016, Eli received his B.A. in music performance and composition from Cornish College of the
Arts in Seattle, WA.
While at Cornish, he was a musician in the Creative Music, Latin, Percussion, Contemporary
Classical, and Jazz I-IV ensembles. Alongside his college courses, he also performed in several
bands, and was a regular at the local jazz jam sessions. His first experiences teaching date
back to high school, when he interned as a journalism and music production teacher at
Oakland’s YR Media. As a teacher, Eli hopes to give each and every student the opportunity to
cultivate a unique and authentic musical voice reflective of their own identity and experiences.
When Eli isn’t practicing music or teaching, he can usually be found playing tennis, cooking
incredibly delicious vegetarian food, and getting schooled in Mortal Kombat by his little brother.