Suzan Ok

Math and Science Teacher

Suzan grew up in the D.C. area and attended school in Virginia through college. She majored in Biology and minored in German Studies at The College of William & Mary. Afterward, she received her Master’s in Genetics at the University of Cambridge and completed Microbiology and Immunology coursework at UNC-Chapel Hill. She then moved back to D.C. and studied Zika Virus in a molecular virology lab at the FDA. After several years of conducting scientific research, Suzan decided to pursue work in education, first as a tutor at C2 Education and now as a teacher at Fusion Academy. She loves teaching one-on-one and wants to help Fusion students be their best selves!
In addition to teaching math and science, Suzan loves being creative and exploring the natural world. When she is not teaching, Suzan enjoys painting, playing the violin, spending time with animals, and hiking. She also volunteers with the education program at her Unitarian Universalist church and coordinates youth programs at Del Ray Artisans.

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