Naya Taylor


Naya Taylor is a recent class of 21’ graduate from Wofford College in Spartanburg, SC. She earned her BA in Spanish while representing Wofford College as a former Bonner Scholar for all four years. She loves traveling and spent a semester abroad in the Dominican Republic. She is now a graduate student at George Washington University and plans to get her Master’s in a Latin American Studies program that focuses on public health and political science. She has spent many years dedicating her time to community outreach by working at different Boys and Girls Clubs around the Spartanburg area. Leaving the South East and going to a big city was an extreme change that she loves. She enjoys doing outdoor activities such as playing different pick-up sports with her friends and family, going on adventures, and does trade in her active activities for binge-watching anime, telenovelas, and horror movies. Naya enjoys cooking and reading any mythological, drama-filled or thriller novels. P.S. Her favorite writer in the world is Tony Morrison but R.L. Stine is a close runner-up because of the Goosebump series.

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