Kirsten de Roos

Master Teacher

Kirsten de Roos is an avid historian who tries to disprove the common “history is sooooo boring” ideology that runs rampant through our society. She graduated from Christopher Newport University with a degree in History and a concentration in Economics. Kirsten had the opportunity to study at the University of Cambridge for a semester, where she immersed herself in different aspects of British history, mostly relating to colonial America. She continued her educational journey at George Mason University, where she graduated with her M.A. in Early Modern European History. Kirsten’s passion for history inspired her to enter the realm of teaching, where she not only enjoys sharing interesting facts, but thrives on helping students find their “aha” moment in the analytical world of history. Kirsten also has a secret passion for economics and loves introducing real-world concepts to students. There’s nothing better when a student suddenly realizes they’ve been practicing economic concepts for most of their lives without ever realizing it.

In her free time, Kirsten loves to spend her time with her husband wandering around cities all over the world. Virtual tours are just as good as the real deal, given the current circumstances.