Kevin Rodrigues

Director of Homework Café

If you find someone down the hallways of Fusion using silly teacher puns, it is most probably Kevin. He thinks he is sodium funny! Kevin comes with an MS degree in Telecommunications Engineering and Computer System Networks. As proud as he is of his degree, he has always been aware that his true passion is working with children in the field of education; pushing limits and tweaking traditional forms of teaching, something that Fusion has offered to him on a golden plate.

He fondly remembers, playing a game with his 3-year-old baby brother called “Teacher-Teacher” as a 10-year-old, where he used to scribble words and numbers on the wall with pastels, attempting to teach a toddler some Indices. He has dabbled in various concentrations during his education. From earning a diploma at an Acting School, to attending one day of Medical School, he has tried to put his restlessness to best use and turn it into his favor.

He attended school in Mumbai and graduated with his Bachelor of Engineering degree. He decided to move to the United States all by himself, to pursue his MS at George Mason University due to its vicinity to Washington, DC; the perfect synergy of history, youth, and global appeal of the city was what attracted him.

Kevin’s work experience is a motley list. He held the position of the Editor-in-Chief for his college magazine ConneXIEon, during his undergraduate. Simultaneously, he was also appointed as the Cultural Secretary, in charge of organizing all the events held on campus. He was also a tutor for Middle and High School students for 4 years in India. He attributes his passion for teaching to his mother and grandmother, both of who are educators in their respective fields of Nursing and Kindergarten. Having worked directly with children as an Assistant Manager at a day care has given him first-hand experiences in Early Childhood Care, Behavior, and Development. Having won two personality contests, a Student of the Year award, and an assortment of certificates for various competitions has only strengthened his faith in his abilities. Currently he is also the co-founder and admin of the social/support group Ankhor, an organization in its infancy that aims at fighting loneliness amongst members of the gay community by organizing weekly gatherings where members assemble to relax, vent, discuss, and listen to each other.

When not teaching, Kevin can be found reading, practicing monologues, dancing, cooking, volunteering at the hospice, and doing yoga. He also enjoys his solitude while exploring the hidden locales of NOVA and DC. Kevin hopes that the experiences he has had, and those he is about to undergo at Fusion, can only further strengthen his abilities as a Teacher, Mentor, and Guide, which can further help foster citizens that would contribute towards building a somewhat utopian society.