Jonathan Gomes

ASL Teacher / Mentor

John (hearing) started learning American Sign Language at LaGuardia Community College, taking it as an elective course. Since he could not switch his major to Deaf Studies so close to graduation, he decided to pursue a degree in the Deaf/ASL field. He attended the National Technical Institute for the Deaf, a college within Rochester Institute of Technology. Since John wanted to learn a little bit about everything, he opted for a customized multidisciplinary program and graduated with a B.A.A.S. degree. John has training in ASL to English interpretation and has worked with Deaf and Blind individuals in the past. John is now a first-generation graduate student at Gallaudet University which serves primarily the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing. He also served as the Social Justice chair for the Graduate Student Association in Gallaudet University.

John is of Brazilian descent and visits family members whenever possible. He enjoys playing Dance Dance Revolution and loves the Harry Potter series. His Spanish is rusty and he likes to practice whenever possible. John also writes poetry on the side and enjoys the occasional old school anime. His favorite artist is Utada Hikaru and he plays Kingdom Hearts whenever possible. John also knows some signs in LIBRAS which is the Sign Language used in Brazil. He is currently becoming a plant parent and is learning a lot along the way, so send him your tips!