Jared Faircloth



Jared graduated from Emory University with his Bachelor of Arts in English and Political Science in 2022. He also took a class at the Newberry Center for Renaissance Studies in Chicago, IL, titled, "The World in the Book, 1300-1800," in 2021, as he has a strong interest in early modern literature and the material culture of early modern letters. Jared hopes to pursue a post-graduate degree where he can explore these interests further, and he has already presented research on the topic at the National Conference of Undergraduate Research, and as a guest lecturer at Oxford College of Emory University.


During his undergraduate career, Jared discovered a love for teaching, and since then, he knew that he wanted to be a teacher or professor. Jared's teaching experience includes tutoring students, interns, and writers of varying ages and skill levels. He was a math and reading tutor for Emory Reads, an Algebra I teaching assistant at Chattahoochee County High School, and a journalism tutor and copyeditor for Blue Blood International.

Fun Facts and Hobbies

  • Loves dogs
  • Huge "Swiftie"
  • Lived in 10 different states