Gwyneth Sholar

History & English Teacher/Mentor

Though she always was an avid reader, young Gwyneth never really considered herself a “literature” person. Once she got to high school and people started using words like “theme” and “motif,” she was baffled, so you can imagine her surprise all these years later as she enthusiastically joins Fusion as an English and History teacher. After having two particularly extraordinary English teachers in high school, she went on to pursue language in college, earning her Bachelor’s in English and Spanish at the University of Virginia. She graduated in 2019 as a Prudent Scholar with the English department and a member of Phi Beta Kappa. As a member off the Fusion team, she hopes to bring new perspectives on literature and social studies to the classroom that help each student connect with the curriculum in ways they might not have known they were capable.

Gwyneth (she/her) is a lifelong theatre nerd who spent many of her extracurricular collegiate hours in rehearsal, whether that was acting, directing, or totally restructuring a Shakespeare play. Her experience with student led and community theatre in Charlottesville has made her passionate about art made by anyone who felt strongly enough to make it.

When it comes to education, Gwyneth finds that most of her experience has been hands-on as a mentor. While at UVA, she joined the Young Women Leaders Program, where she worked with 7th graders on just about everything that comes up in middle school—which is to say, just about everything. She taught theatre classes during her summers off in high school, and more recently worked with the Director of Education at Live Arts Theatre in Charlottesville during her fourth year.

Gwyneth is happy to talk with you about anything from what you’re currently reading to how your weekend was, but if you want to get her monologuing, some good places to start are Star Wars, The Southern U.S., Intersectional Feminism, Dolly Parton, and Derry Girls.