Chelsea Randall


Living by the idea that “genius is not the answer to all questions, but the question to all answers,” Chelsea loves working with Fusion Academy’s English and History department to keep students curious. In 2016, she graduated summa cum laude from the University of Maryland with a B.A. in English Language and Literature. Earning a certificate from UMD’s Honors College and achievement of excellence in a broad range of subjects, she also was inducted into the Phi Beta Kappa honors society and attained the English Excellency departmental honors award upon graduation. She is also working on getting her Master’s degree in Secondary Education, and one day hopes to be double certified in English and Social Studies.

Her dedication to teaching started as a passion for learning that was ignited by the compassionate teachers she had throughout her schooling. These cherished teachers—from her 3rd grade special education coordinator to her 7th and 12th grade English teachers who pushed her to publish—helped her grow from an anxious child with terrible handwriting to a lifelong learner who confidently raised her hand to share her ideas in classroom discussion. She brings this conviction in the difference a caring and effective teacher can make in a child’s life to her own teaching philosophy, which focuses on compassion, respect, curiosity, and holistic growth.

With tutoring experience stretching back to her sophomore days in the National Society of Collegiate Scholar’s PACE program, she has worked in a variety of educational programs the College Park Academy charter school to Montgomery Blair High School and tutoring with Club-Z!

In her spare time, Chelsea likes to live her passion of keeping curious by learning new things herself! When she’s not devouring books she’s excited to share with her students, you can find Chelsea editing her poetry or novels at her antique vanity, cuddling under an afghan embroidering with a cat at her feet, or even practicing the latest Kpop dance at the studio.