Julio Morgado

Director of Student Development

Julio moved to Houston, TX from Veracruz, Mexico at the age of 8. Having to quickly adapt to the American culture, he dove into reading and found himself fascinated by science and mathematics. However, it wasn’t until high school that he realized he wanted to pursue a serious education in science. Julio attended the University of Houston and earned a Bachelor of Science in Physics. Along the way, he discovered that he had many interdisciplinary interests such as Computer Science, Robotics, and Machine Learning, which he then pursued on his own time. Julio also joined his university’s Mathematical Physics Research group, where he spends his free time contributing to the group’s work in Digital Signal Processing.

Prior to joining Fusion, Julio worked as an Associate Teacher/Lecturer for the Houston ISD for the last few years. As a former Fusion Math/Science & French/Spanish teacher, Julio is excited to have a direct and positive impact on his student’s educational and social achievements in his new role as Director of Student Development!

Outside of academia, Julio has devoted 10 years of his life to dance. Most notably, he focuses on competitive break dance, which he has also been instructing for the last 3 years.