Chrystal Ingram-White

English/History/Yoga Teacher & Mentor

Chrystal was born in Philadelphia and grew up in the Delaware Valley area (NJ, PA, DE). As a child, she remembers hanging on the Liberty Bell (yes, that Liberty Bell and, no, they won’t let you do that anymore). And there her love of history began. Chrystal believes that when you can see and touch what you read about in books, history comes to life and is so much more impactful and meaningful.

After college (go Nittany Lions!), Chrystal worked in New York City as a magazine editor and writer for such magazines as The New Yorker, Family Circle, Marie Claire and Interview, Andy Warhol’s literary and artistic creation. She also worked as managing editor of a newspaper run by a businessman with “interesting” contacts and business practices. She’d tell you about that, but then she’d have to….well, you know the rest. After many world travels and studying Japanese, Chrystal moved with her family to Texas, making their home in Sugar Land. All the while, Chrystal has taught elementary, middle and high school English, History, Family Life Skills, as well as yoga. She loves children and loves teaching. While her family has a fondness for Texas, they love impromptu road trips with no specific destination in mind (“the Griswold’s have nothing on us, trust me.”), and you don’t have to ask them twice to go back North to see a Broadway play. Just say the word, and they’ll be there in a New York minute!