Benjamin Walton



Benjamin is a loving creator of artistry. He loves his cats, he loves music, and he loves drawing. His background is in professional and hobbyist video and card game design and spends most of his free hours developing long-term projects the likes thereof. He spends his time drawing and listening to music, and if not drawing, arranging art to tell stories and to evoke relationships between individual pieces. Benjamin has a fun and calm demeanor, and he gets excited by color, sound, and contrast, and fancies the weird and absurd. He has a penchant for dreams and often times involves his own therein his artwork, and hopes to inspire others to evoke their own dreams through original work.


In collaborating with students, Benjamin poses questions and perspective challenges to promote the bending and breaking of realistic understanding therein the controlled spectrum of visual, and to invoke the lessons learned from the history of art—as seen in Impressionism—that things need not look real to feel real. As a teacher, his mission is to manifest wisdom through knowledge and skill based disciplines, to forever solidify and liquify perspectives depending on the day, and to ensure that his students leave class with curiosity in one hand and fulfillment in the other.

Fun Facts and Hobbies

  • Benjamin has some particular interests: he loves purple, he loves Prince, he loves light, and he loves shadow, and is sensitive to the balance thereof
  • Therein the realm of video games, he loves The Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy, Pokémon, Super Mario, and Super Smash Bros… and he would love to teach you how to design video game art!
  • Partner with Benjamin Walton and set sail as an artist!