Travis Wattigney

Music Teacher/Mentor

Travis is a composer, producer, and performer whose works have received awards and been performed at the national and international levels. He earned his Bachelor's degree in Music Composition at Stephen F. Austin State University and is now serving as the music teacher/mentor for Fusion Academy in Southlake.

As a child, Travis started out as a self-taught drummer, but his passion for music blossomed when he started playing trumpet in the 6th grade. His dedication to trumpet performance led him to explore and teach himself to play piano and bass guitar. Music Theory in high school is where he first began writing his own music which sparked curiosity for all of the possibilities within composition. Video games and their soundtracks have always been a defining interest for Travis. These passions led him to expand into electronic music production and study the craft of video game and film music composition in depth through college.

In addition to teaching, he works as a freelance media composer, arranger, and producer. Outside of work, Travis enjoys disc golf, warm weather, and playing whatever video game he bought recently.