Mia Gonzalez-West

English and History Teacher/Mentor

Mia was very much the kid who, on one day, yearned to be an oceanographer and, on another, a photographer. She simply loves learning, and it has infected every aspect of Mia’s life since her grandmother first taught her how to read. Although Mia explored several departments while completing her undergrad, she graduated from Texas Tech University with her degree in English for Secondary Education and History. While at Texas Tech, Mia tutored student athletes, mentored students with learning differences, and had her writing and photography published in the student literary magazine. Upon graduating Magna Cum Laude, Mia set out for the vast world of professional education.

Mia began her career as a professional tutor in the community college setting and then shifted into individualized support for K-12 students. She has since supported students of all ages in everything from beginning reading and writing to unraveling a Shakespearean comedy. Mia’s passion for learning naturally extends toward a passion for making learning equitable and available for students of all backgrounds, interests, and differences. She is currently earning her Certification for Academic Language Therapy to support students with learning differences such as dyslexia and dysgraphia.

Mia is still very much the lifelong learner. Her interests range from traditional topics in the humanities and social sciences to environmental and artistic pursuits.