La'Tonia Smith

Math Teacher/Mentor

La'Tonia has a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics/Education from Howard Payne University. She taught college algebra at the University of North Texas as a teaching fellow while studying Theory of Mathematics. Over the last 22 years, she has taught and tutored in various settings: public schools, educational coops, businesses, and online. La'Tonia’s five children have been in various educational settings, public, private, online, and home. Her children range from her oldest son, a pediatrician, to her youngest 16-year-old son that was failure to thrive for six years and has educational challenges.

Raised in Wyoming, she loves the outdoors, hiking, backpacking, camping, and all-terrain obstacle courses with her youngest son. Currently, she is helping rehabilitate and train a malnourished and mistreated Cane Corso with her daughter.

LaTonia's love for basketball as a player and a coach have built a strong team work ethic. She finds her greatest strength and growth when on a team - not a star player, but the glue. She is a lifelong learner who infuses this passion for learning to those around her. La'Tonia thrives on finding joy in the little things in life and engaging others with that joy.