Kate Henderson

Math and Science Teacher/Mentor

Kate is a teacher/mentor in science and math. Her goal is to empower students to believe in themselves and equip them to do great things. Kate has taught and tutored students from Pre-K through the college level and loves witnessing the “aha!” moments that inspire kids of all ages to go further than they ever believed they could. Kate loves to read and will always be a lifelong learner. She earned her Master’s degree in Neuroscience from the University of Iowa and her Bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry with minors in Neuroscience and Psychology from Elon University in North Carolina. She has conducted research on the biochemical processes of cells as well as brain structure and function. Kate has taken additional graduate courses in teaching from Western Governors University to help her provide the best learning experience for her students.

When she is not teaching, Kate enjoys singing, cooking, line dancing, and chatting over coffee with good friends. Fusion Academy is the perfect fit for her to fulfill her passion of passing along her love of learning to the next generation.