Jennifer McElroy

Yoga Teacher/Mentor

Jennifer was born to travel and explore. She was born into a military family and never stayed at one school or in one city for too long. Through bouncing around from school to school, friend to friend in her most formidable years, the travel bug bit her from day 1 and that itch never stopped.

After graduating from the University of North Texas with her degree in Honors News-Editorial Journalism, Jennifer jumped on her next opportunity for an exciting adventure. She accepted an ESL teaching job in a tiny village in east Thailand. For a year she learned what it meant to be a teacher who couldn’t rely on any resources, so she soon learned the craftiness of improvisation and creative teaching. While in Thailand, she needed a way to move her body to deal with feelings of missing home and overall stress from work. She discovered yoga via YouTube and became a student of the practice as much as the shotty internet allowed her to.

After Thailand, she accepted another ESL teaching job at an all-female university in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. There, she learned the importance of self-reliance and the beauty of experiencing a culture and a country most don’t get the opportunity to experience. In Saudi Arabia, she stumbled upon a yoga teacher training and signed up. This 200-hour teacher training over a period of 4 months became her safe place and spiritual unburdening from all the hardships she endured in a pretty challenging culture.

After arriving back from her travels, Jennifer began teaching yoga but decided she wanted to further her yoga education. She attended a 300-hour teacher training in the jungles of southern Nicaragua and there, became immersed in just how healing the practice of yoga and the awareness of breath can be. Now, Jennifer teaches at 3 studios in the metroplex area and focuses her teaching on mindfulness, using the breath to calm the nervous system, and how moving the body can re-inform traumas in the mind.

When she’s not in the classroom or studio room, Jennifer most enjoys taking her dog on hikes and water adventures, whether with a kayak or stand-up paddle-board. She travels as much as she can but sticks more to her own continent this time around. When puppy adventures and travel adventures aren’t happening, she loves to find live music and taco trucks to enjoy with friends and loves to document it all with a camera any chance she can get!