Ian Townsend

English Teacher/Mentor

Ian Townsend has been around the world, and his life took him to many different places, but his true passion always resided in exploring and creating the fantastical places that can be found in books. After retiring from the U.S. Navy, Ian attended Texas Christian University, where he studied writing and english. He graduated in 2019 with a B.A. and recently completed the coursework for his Masters. As a tutor, he found joy in helping other students understand their own voices and become better writers.

While at TCU, Ian also deepened his appreciation for literature, poetry, and creative non-fiction, but his true love will always be reading and writing fantasy and science fiction of all kinds. From classics to the modern, he wants to read, see, and analyze it all!

Ian has published 4 pieces of short fiction and poetry and has several other works in progress at the moment. His goal is to author a novel series set in his own fantasy world.

When it comes to teaching, Ian believes that the success of the students depends on their ability to make connections to the material. As an instructor in the Navy and a tutor at TCU, he found that he worked best 1-on-1 and when he was focusing on something meaningful to the student. He believes he can help unlock the reader and writer in every student he meets.

When not exploring fantastical worlds, Ian spends time with his wife, daughter, and threee pets, watches football, plays video games, or catches up on his Netflix watchlist.