Emilia Egel

English and History Teacher/Mentor

A Southlake-native, Emilia considers herself an “old-soul” with a cheerful disposition and an exceptional work ethic spurred by her passion for learning and role as the oldest sibling of three. Unable to pick between her love for English and history, she did a little of both graduating Summa Cum Laude from Texas Wesleyan University with a degree in History and Secondary Teaching certification and a minor in English. During her undergrad, she was a history and writing tutor who worked to help other college students with editing their own written works and teaching them fun tips and strategies to help during their writing process.

She looks forward to using these same techniques and strategies to help Fusion students become the best they can be, not just with their schooling but by helping them gain life skills such as critical thinking and time management skills for use in a real world setting. Most of all, she is excited to show how both history and English can showcase a multitude of diverse perspectives and narratives that can help the reader see the world in a different light than previously considered.

Emilia has been an avid sports fan and athlete her entire life, culminating into her being a huge NFL fan as well as a collegiate athlete - playing SS and 2B for the Texas Wesleyan University Softball team during her time as an undergraduate, earning titles that include “Coach’s Award” and “NAIA-Scholar Athlete”. Other interests include reading just about anything she can get her hands on and watching movies/sports with her family.