Ellesia Grantham

Math and Science Teacher/Mentor

Ellesia who goes by Elle (pronounced as Ellie) is originally from Greenville, TX, but she moved to Houston a little over a year ago to pursue a position as a chemist at a radio pharmaceutical company. As a chemist, she tested the quality of the radiotherapy product, and created the solutions needed for the testing. In college, Elle conducted Organic Chemistry and Analytical Chemistry research, studying the bonds in polypeptides and how they related to Alzheimer’s.

Elle graduated at Texas A&M University-Commerce in December 2019 with a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry. While she attended college she had a position tutoring the athletes at the university in General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Integrated Science, Physics, College Algebra, and Pre-Calculus- Calculus III.

Elle enjoys these activities in her spare time: tennis, swimming, cooking, playing ukulele/singing, two-stepping, and game nights with friends. She also enjoys traveling, hiking, and collecting magnets from places that she, her friends, and her family have visited.

Elle often found herself mentoring others in one-to-one ratios in multiple settings. Even as a kid in sixth grade, Elle’s teachers would have her go around and help the other students with their work. Elle is really looking forward to showing 6th-12th graders just how fun and interesting math and science can be.