Derek Pearce

Social Science Teacher/Mentor

Derek is a teacher specializing in social studies and business concentrations. He graduated from Texas Christian University in 2014 with a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Entrepreneurial Management. During and after college, he worked with numerous start-up companies in the Fort Worth area. Derek’s passion for teaching comes from his love of education. Ever since he was young, he has always loved being in school. After a few years out of college, he realized that his place was in academia, where he could instill the same love of learning within his own students.

In social studies, he loves to examine other cultures and get glimpses into the lives of people all around the world. He traveled to Hong Kong and Beijing during college, and would love to both travel more and learn more languages than just his extremely beginner level Spanish.

In business, he loves to get people to think about not only creative ways to solve the world’s problems, but how to feasibly capitalize on those ideas in a business sense. He is also fascinated with marketing and how things are sold in the technologically complex world we live in today.

When Derek is not doing any of those serious things, he is most likely watching Texas Rangers games. He hated playing all sports as a child, but now loves watching sports and wondering what could have been. Playing Nintendo games is his preferred method of relaxation in his down time, and he has been a Nintendo super fan ever since he could walk. He also thinks that he can still make it in the music industry as a DJ because he bought a song mixer and mixed two songs together successfully a couple years ago, but some dreams are meant to stay dreams.