Christen Brown

English Teacher/Mentor

Christen graduated with her Bachelor of Arts degree in Mass Communications from Xavier University of Louisiana. She received Honors in History and Spanish. Christen began her journalism career at ABC 7 Chicago as an intern to Steven Dolinsky, Chicago’s Hungry Hound. She continued to work as an assignment desk editor for Fox 8 New Orleans and News 10 Sacramento.

Christen enjoyed writing news copy about community developments. She produced story packages for daily feeds and wrote news copy for anchors. Though the newsroom accepted her writing, Christen rarely appeared on camera. In exchange for camera time, news directors attempted to convince on-air talent to conform to industry standards of beauty. Christen decided to change career paths after receiving pressure to surgically alter her physical appearance.

As a youth, Christen was an aviation and aerospace enthusiast. She received her ground school certificate to fly Cessna-172s at 14 years old. On weekends, Christen would stargaze from her telescope. So, just before the journalism field began its shift towards broader cultural acceptance, Christen decided to become an aerospace engineer. She sought an industry that would recognize skill apart from physical appearance. Though science and mathematics initially were challenges for Christen, she continued to study.

She graduated from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University with her Master of Science in Aeronautics and a double concentration in Operations and Safety Systems Management. During her graduate study, she interned with SpaceX as a media consultant and completed autonomous vehicular work for Soar Tech and the U.S. Air Force. After graduation, Christen worked as a systems engineer for the U.S. Navy’s Electromagnetic Launch Catapult System.

Christen found her passion when she moved to teach in Nanjing, China. She delights in learning from her students while sharing tools that have helped her grow. Christen enjoys traveling, skydiving, camping, running races, and writing poetry. Christen looks forward to becoming a published author this year and hopes her writing will inspire others to pursue their dreams.