Ching-Yuan Huang


Math and Science Departments


Ching-Yuan obtained an engineering degree from National Taiwan University (Taiwan) and then mathematics and physical mathematics in England, Cambridge and Oxford respectively. He finally obtained a Ph.D. (with honors) in physics (specifically in particle astrophysics) from Université Joseph Fourier (Grenoble I) in France.


Ching-Yuan spent several years working on space projects (AMS, FERMI/GLAST, and HESS) and teaching/supervising college students. In 2014, under his supervision, the student group was rewarded with the Best Essay of the Year in Sun Yat-sen University (China). Back in the States in 2016, he started to teach and tutor students from 4th and 5th graders to high school students for years. He also served as the supervisor of the Astronomy Club and Chinese Calligraphy Club while teaching at Sun Yat-sen University (China). He also had been serving as a volunteer assistant librarian at Stevenson PACT School in Mountain View School District.

Fun Facts and Hobbies

  • Family travel
  • Classical music and reading
  • Church fellowship