Bonna Kim

Math Teacher/Mentor

Bonna is a math and science teacher/mentor at Fusion. She was born and raised in a slow coastal-farm town in South Korea, where she inherited her appreciation of local culture and food from "the best cooks in town," her grandmothers. Having lived in Texas and New York, Bonna continues to meet new people and explore new gastronomy.

Bonna has an MA in Math Education with certification from Teachers College, Columbia University, and a BA in Mathematics and Psychology from New York University. One of her biggest passions is healing through teaching and learning - accepting and developing oneself and becoming helpful leaders of surrounding communities.

She is involved in a large scope of activities: music (singing, researching new musicians, and playing the piano), art (poem writing, woodcraft, drawing, painting, and photography), sports (bowling and watching games at home - it's likely for her to miss important home-runs or touchdowns when she's at a stadium because she will be busy learning fan-made cheers and eating stadium food), traveling, hiking, watching Korean and American TV shows/movies...the list goes on! If she is introduced to a new hobby, she might pick it up next Saturday.