Alex Emura

Admissions Consultant 

Alex joined Fusion in 2019 as the Director of First Impressions at Fusion Academy Miami where she provided general administrative support and acted as liaison between all campus stakeholders by providing a celebrity experience. She now serves as Admissions Consultant introducing families to our unique methodology and individualized learning experience. Alex is passionate about Fusion’s revolutionary educational model because she has witnessed time and again how Fusion’s love and mentorship model has had a positive impact in so many children’s lives.

In 2005, she earned a bachelor’s degree in advertising with a minor in psychology from Florida International University. As a Regional Account Executive in advertising agencies, she managed brands such as Visa, Energizer, and Adidas for Latin America and the Caribbean, where she gained extensive experience in client service relationships. Prior to joining Fusion, Alex worked in the division of Academic Affairs at Miami Dade College, where she saw the positive impact education has in the community.

Alex enjoys traveling with her husband and getting to know different cultures through their history, architecture, and art, but most importantly through their food! She grew up eating arepas for breakfast and sushi for dinner in a biracial and multiethnic Latino-Asian household! Alex enjoys reading mystery thrillers, re-watching Miyazaki’s whimsical films, swimming in the ocean, and propagating plants.