Martina Melrose

Math Teacher/Mentor

Martina teaches math at Fusion Academy. Her all-time favorite subjects are Algebra 1 and 2, but she is excited about all levels of math and is known for her creative approach to personalizing instruction. Her passion in math spreads to her students through her hands-on activities and unique projects.

Growing up in communist Czechoslovakia, Martina attended a secondary technical school of engineering, which gave her a strong foundation to pursue the field of mathematics in college. She earned her BA in Mathematics at Cameron University, Oklahoma, and subsequently her Texas Teaching Certificate for Secondary Mathematics. Before joining Fusion, Martina taught for seven years in public education as a math teacher and AVID tutor.

Martina spends her spare time taxiing her three kids to Martial Arts activities. In her free time, she takes Taekwondo classes, enjoys watching her daughter do Jujitsu, walks the family’s two hyper dogs (with the help of her husband), enjoys yoga and other outdoor activities like swimming, hiking, or Pokemon GO.