Lynne Erwin


Born in Japan, Lynne was a Canadian citizen and then a U.S citizen. Like her intrepid ancestors, she has lived and worked in multiple countries (including Spain and the U.S.). She traveled around the world for two years but has yet to complete her world tour. She has served as a military officer in the United States Air Force and financial/data analyst in the defense industry and a psychology lab, and a teacher. Lynne holds an undergraduate degree in mathematics and a graduate degree in finance, both from the University of Southern California, where she was a member of a military rifle drill team and the Latin and ballroom dance team. She also holds a single subject teaching credential in mathematics and a certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language.

Outside of her time at Fusion, Lynne helps the homeless through research.  She enjoys investing, lifting weights, and playing with her kids and homeless animals, who she strives to adopt out to loving families.