Kaspar Kazazian

Teacher/ Mentor

Kaspar is a flexible teacher who makes math/science as fun as possible. He values deep, fulfilling connections with his students. In 2011, Kaspar graduated with an MS in mechanical engineering, which is indicative of his strengths in math and physics. In 2018, he transitioned to working in education after working as an engineer for many years. Kaspar now has several years experience as a teacher / tutor at the K-12th grade level. Different settings he has taught in include on-site after school programs, students’ homes, and virtual classrooms. Kaspar finds one-on-one instruction to be an incredibly rewarding platform for teaching.

When Kaspar is not teaching / tutoring, he enjoys fishing, playing guitar, and meditating. Fishing the surf is probably his greatest outlet for fun, and the beaches of Malibu feel like his second home! Kaspar enjoys expressing himself through his guitar playing, and he has been strumming for over 15 years! Kaspar has had a daily meditation practice since his early 20’s, which helps center him daily. All in all, Kaspar values a balanced life, and these hobbies are essential components to achieving that balance.