Dennis Kane



Dennis grew up in a small town in upstate New York. He received his BS in physics there too. He moved to Los Angeles a century ago to attend UCLA where he attained an MS in physics


Dennis first started wondering about how the world worked when contemplating a fly buzzing around his head while he, ten-year-old Mr. Kane, was riding in the back seat of the family car. Given that the car was zipping along at 60 mph, how could the fly be moving at the same speed without being strapped into his little fly seat so the car could push him along at that speed? A couple of years later, Dennis read a biography of Albert Einstein, and while the book did not answer the fly question, Mr. Kane realized that studying physics would provide the fly answer and many more.

Dennis had a 31-year career at Raytheon/Hughes Aircraft where he wrote radar control software for the F/A-18 and B2 bomber.

Fun Facts and Hobbies

  • Dennis loves spending time with his family including his overly feisty dachshund.
  • He has enjoyed volunteering his time with a local youth sports organization but now that his sons are grown up, he walks, takes online classes and tutors local college students in physics and Microsoft Excel.
  • Dennis is a big fan of Billy Joel and will sing all of his songs if you ask him about it.