Christ Platteeuw




Christ was born and educated in Belgium. He earned his High School degree from Klein Seminarie in Roeselare, and graduated from College with a Licentiate diploma (between bachelors and masters) in Chemistry/biotechnology from the University of Ghent. He then started with his PhD work, first at Plant Genetic Systems (now Monsanto) in Ghent, and then at NIZO in the Nederlands. Christ didn't stop there, he continued a post-doc at the University of Wageningen (NL) and at his Alma Mater in Ghent. Many years later, he also did a post-doc at UCLA.


Dr. Platteeuw has a broad backround in molecular biology and has done extensive research with bacteria, archaea, human cell cultures, and rodents. Prior to Fusion, he also worked as an Educational Coach for the C2C program at Long Beach City College and as a Presenter for the Upward Bound program, also at LBCC. He coached and taught mainly science and math-related subjects but also business law, accounting and horticulture.

Fun Facts and Hobbies

  • Has been practicing Zen meditation for over 30 years (with ups and downs)
  • Cooks traditional Flemish food (now more Californian-Flemish)
  • Has a passionate relationship with microorganisms