Blaire Embrey

Yoga Teacher/ Mentor

I have always known that the body has intelligence. It has been through my personal practice and in-depth training that I have learned to cultivate and listen to this Wisdom. Through Shamanic Practices using Sacred Art and Ritual, I will pass on tools to my community so that they too can create less suffering on this human journey.  My training has taken many forms throughout my life. Starting at 4 years old, I intensively trained for 17 years in various forms of dance. This began my foundational practice of movement as healing. In my 20s, I received my Childspace certification, a Feldenkrais-based practice, that brings the trainees through their own physical re-birth. We work with children and their parents by fostering development through play, encouraging this internal Wisdom to develop and bloom from birth.  Simultaneously, I began the journey of diving into Medicine work. I began Medicine Wheel trainings in 2012 and decided to take my own personal work seriously in 2016. My Medicine Wheel trainings and Mastery derives from Andean Mountain Shamanism, a Q’ero lineage. In August of 2019 I completed my 300 hour Shamanic Yoga Certification and in December of 2019 completed a Soul Retrieval Mastery training. I am the Community Engagement Manager for Prison Yoga Project and run our webinar/podcast series on transformative justice.