Danette Newton


Danette transferred from the Lake Forest, IL campus in June 2021, where she started her Fusion teaching career in January 2016. She grew up in Gurnee, IL and graduated from Warren Township High School. She went to nursing school soon after graduation but decided to join the Marine Corps after one year school. While waiting to go to boot camp, she met her future husband, who was serving on active duty. While her husband was serving, Danette ran her own home-based business and took care of their three children, Daniel (now 26 and married), Jacob (soon to be 23 and married), and Colette (soon to be 21).


Danette graduated from Kansas City Art Institute with a double major, receiving her Bachelor of Fine Arts in both Painting and Art History in 2012. In addition, she earned a certification in the Concentrated Asian Studies Program; her art has been in many exhibitions in the Kansas City area. Upon graduation, Danette worked as a substitute teacher for two school districts while attending college for her master’s in arts education. After a year, circumstances arose and she decided to delay the master’s degree and home school her two younger children; she also took on the responsibility (along with her husband, Robert) of becoming a coach with USA Swim and started training her three children at the pool every day.


As part of the BFA degree program, Danette was fortunate enough to study in Paris; she took two classes: 19th Century Art & Architecture and Travel Writing. In addition, Danette (and her husband) lived in Okinawa, Japan for a little over two years, where their oldest child was born. While living in Japan, Danette was a part of the POPS musical company, where she played the flute in the musical Alice in Wonderland.


Danette enjoys spending time with her husband, three children and many pets, learning about new cultures, learning new languages, reading, chocolate, herbal tea, painting, drawing, doing any art projects, playing the flute/piccolo, and traveling to other countries. Some of the countries they have been to are Greece, Italy, Japan, France, and the UK. While in those countries, Danette treated her children to many Art History lessons, one of her passions! To continue this passion, Danette is currently enrolled in the MLS-Art History program at FHSU; she hopes to complete the degree within two years.

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