Danette Newton


BFA Art; BFA Art History; Concentrated Asian Studies Certification


Danette earned her BFA in Painting and Art History from the Kansas City Art Institute, where she graduated in 2012. She was able to take classes for part of a summer in Paris, France, studying 19th Century Art and Architecture. She also took extra Art History, Drawing, and Japanese Language classes to fulfill the certification for Concentrated Asian Studies. Danette is currently in the Master's Degree program at Fort Hayes State University, where she will graduate with her MLS - Art History degree.


Danette substituted for two local school districts, where she got hands-on experience teaching students with different learning styles. She also volunteered as a tutor for her children's schools, helping other students achieve academic success. Danette also homeschooled her two youngest children - grades 7 and 9.

Fun Facts and Hobbies

  • Loves to travel and partake in other cultures - lived in Japan for 2 years
  • Painting/Drawing
  • Exercising and Nutrition