Noelle Miller


Noelle came into American Sign Language (ASL) at an early age, and it never left. While growing her skills in teaching and tutoring, she was completing her BA in Communication Studies at San Francisco State University, in order to become a teacher. After experiencing education in a public setting, she was thrilled to have the privilege of teaching for a private one-to-one school. Since becoming a teacher, her support of the concepts used by Fusion Academy has grown immensely. There is a huge joy in watching students connect with their education and actually start to enjoy learning. Noelle is very excited to build the ASL offerings at Fusion and help students find their confidence in learning.

When she is not in the classroom, you will find her exploring the lands of Washington, reading at the beach, dancing, painting, drawing, doing photography, and playing with her dogs!

Fun fact: One of her favorite hobbies is going to the archery range.