Matthew Adams


Matthew is a Math and Science teacher at Fusion Academy Seattle. He has a BS in Chemistry from the University of Southampton (England), and an MS in Chemistry from the University of Washington. He is currently finishing a Masters in Physics by doing research in 2-dimensional materials such as graphene. He grew up in England but has been a Seattleite for 15 years now.

Matthew enjoys the satisfaction of getting students to understand new theories and facts about the natural world. He likes teaching a topic from multiple different angles until it "clicks" with the student. Prior to Fusion Academy, Matthew worked as a teacher at Dartmoor School for several years, where he designed new courses in programming and lab chemistry, and also as an independent tutor for college and high school level physics, chemistry and math. He has multiple years experience in teaching chemistry, physics, math, computer programming and web design, environmental and Earth science, as well as French.

When Matthew isn't at Fusion Academy, he can be found spelunking (cave exploration), or playing video games. Matthew also has a daughter that he spends most of his time with.